On the occasion of "March 8 - International Women's Day", the contest "Followers of Zulfiyakhanim" among female students of the institute was launched.

16-Feb-2023 1865

On March 3 of this year, in the Uzbekistan-Finland Pedagogical Institute, in connection with "March 8 - International Women's Day", the contest "Followers of Zulfiyakhanim" will be held among female students of the institute.
From today, that is, from February 16, the faculty stage of the competition has been started, and one winner of each faculty will receive a ticket to the final.
The competition is held on the basis of the following conditions:
Condition 1: An artistic introduction of the participant
Time regulation - 4-5 minutes
Condition 2: Reading
In this case: Abdulla Kadiri - "The Past Days", Cholpon - "Night and Day", Pirimkul Kadirov - "Starry Nights", Oybek - "Alisher Navoi", Tahir Malik - "The Property of Humanity", Said Ahmed - "Qarako" z Majnun", O'tkir Hashimov - "Works of the world", Shukrullo Yusupov - "Those buried without a shroud", Togay Murad - "Fields left by my father", Khudoiberdi Tokhtaboev - "Paradise people", Fame (Ghulam Alimov ) - a comment on one of the works such as "Golden Rust".
Time regulation - 5-6 minutes
Condition 3: Blitz questions
(The number of questions is 10, a quick answer is required).
Condition 4: Finding solutions to problematic situations in the family
(Response to the situation indicated in the ticket)
Condition 5: According to the condition "God tell my beloved".
Time regulation - 4-5 minutes
6. Free topic
(under this condition, the student can perform a poem, song or dance)
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