Thank you for the work in the fitness club

03-Mar-2023 340

In connection with the establishment of another fitness club in the city of Samarkand, a meeting was organized on the issue of training and employment of students of the field of physical culture and sports. The meeting was attended by Russian Professional Fitness leaders, Nikita Alexandrovich Dorogenchenko, Alexander Igorovich Podnyak Fitnet, club director Shavkat Kurbanov and fitness consultants from Samarkand. The main goal of this club is to expand the ranks of teaching staff and improve their qualifications, as well as to hire exemplary graduates on the basis of a contract.
Starting from 04.02.2023, applicants will first be involved in 1-month training based on casting, and then the graduates of the course will be awarded a certificate by the Fitness Center. Exemplary graduates are employed in the Fitness Club itself with salaries ranging from 2,500,000 to 8,000,000 soums.
Training sessions are organized in 2 shifts.
Classes are held in Russian.
Phone for inquiries: 88 343-02-02
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