May every day be Nowruz, my beloved Uzbekistan!

17-Mar-2023 473

Nowruz is considered one of the most favorite holidays of our people, and it is a spring day in the true sense. On this holiday, the tables are full of delicacies and national dishes. In our country, Navroz holiday is distinguished by its unique traditions among our generous, kind-hearted, hardworking people.
Today, at the Uzbekistan-Finland Pedagogical Institute, "Let every day be Nowruz, my dear Uzbekistan!" Under the slogan, a holiday party was held.
Rector of the institute A.Safarov opened the Navroz festival with his speech and congratulated everyone on this spring holiday.
During the holiday, national folk songs, lapars, greetings to the bride were sung, national games - tug-of-war, stone-lifting, chillak, lanka and other visual performances gave the participants and guests a special mood. .
National and pop songs sung by the students were sung by everyone.
Festive programs continue…
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