The Uzbekistan-Finland Pedagogical Institute cooperates with a school specializing in the only Finnish education system in the region

09-Nov-2023 900

Rector of the Uzbekistan-Finland Pedagogical Institute, Shakhzoda Negmatova, visited the 9th grade school specialized in informatics and information technologies, taught on the basis of the unified Finnish education system in Samarkand.
During the visit, the rector of the institute got acquainted with the new educational system introduced in the school and the conditions created for students. He met with school teachers and exchanged opinions about the Finnish education system. In particular, he shared the experience and conclusions obtained during his visit to Finland.
- The Finnish education system is built on the basis of trust and responsibility, - says the rector of the institute, Shakhzoda Negmatova. - The state trusts its teachers and entrusts them with the upbringing, education, and even health of students, and teachers approach their work responsibly. Lessons taught to students are simple and structured. This gives young people the idea that learning lessons is easy. As you can see, every child has a positive result.
Also, the Uzbek-Finland Pedagogical Institute has now expanded its cooperation with this school and provides scientific-methodological support for school teachers. Teachers are invited to scientific conferences and seminars on the Finnish education system.
- In today's meeting, the rector of the Uzbekistan-Finland Pedagogical Institute extended a helping hand to us in every way, - said the director of the school, Dilbar Mavlonova. - Our teachers now establish scientific-practical cooperation together with professors-teachers of the institute. We were pleased that the rector of the institute helped our teachers to study at the master's level in different countries within the framework of international cooperation. I think that the new educational system based on the experience of Finland will soon bear fruit.
In the end, it was agreed that the pedagogical practice processes of the students of the institute will be held in this school.
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