"The chessboard is the field of life. You choose to be a king or a pawn!”

20-Nov-2023 244

Chess champion student of Uzbekistan-Finland Pedagogical Institute shared his thoughts
Munira Choriyeva, a student of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Pre-School Education, recently took part in the "Student - Girls' Forum" organized for the first time in Samarkand in the "Chess" type of sport and won the first place.
"I have been playing chess for 10 years," says Munira Choriyeva. - My parents made me start this sport. This sport has become a part of my life now.
The chessboard is the field of life. You choose to be a king or a pawn.
There is a saying in the game that it is better to be a minister and walk straight than to be a footman. I follow this motto. People in life, like pedestrians, become farzins only when they work tirelessly to reach all the highest heights and overcome difficulties. I think that people can achieve the same high results by starting from the bottom and climbing to the top. Personally, I like the figure of a pedestrian."
For information, Munira Choriyeva is coached by Iroda Hamrokulova, the world champion in women's chess.
We wish our student good luck in his future work!
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