A legal guide for pedagogical personnel

      Teachers and coaches are considered people who directly affect the life of every citizen, while changing life for the better. Nowadays, the provision of their rights is considered more important than ever. Because now, as a result of the growing development process in the world community, our society is much more vulnerable to educated personnel. And educated, mature personnel, no doubt, are prepared by educators.
  Educators can achieve an increase in their respect for their profession and affection for their activities by knowing their rights. In its place, it is necessary that our educators do not forget about their obligations with their rights. Commitment is present in all of us, but it must act as a duty for the pedagogue and take a responsible approach to his position.
  Along with the knowledge of the rights and obligations of educators, this guide has been developed so that the state knows the opportunities, guarantees and benefits offered to them. This guide allows educators to carry out their activities on the basis of open, transparent, equal rights.
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