Mamatkulov Oybek Tuychievich
Head of the chancellery

Reception time Monday-Saturday (09:00-17:00)
Phone: +998 (66) 222-69-27
Fax: +998 (66) 222-69-27
Telegram: +998 (66) 222-69-27
Address: Samarkand, Spitamen shoh street, 166

The Office is a structural department of the Uzbek-Finnish Pedagogical Institute, operates in accordance with the current statute of the Institute and reports directly to the director of the Institute.
The Office conducts its activities on the basis of orders and orders of the director of the Uzbek-Finnish Pedagogical Institute, instructions on the Institute's office work.
The Office has its own round seal and rectangular seal, which are stored in a safe at the disposal of the department of the head of the office.
In the office, employees work in the following positions: head of the office, clerk, courier (four full-time units in total).
1. Functions of the Office Department.
The tasks of the Office Department are:
1.1. Receiving parcels from higher-level organizations, higher educational institutions, organizations in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad and sending them official documents sent from the Institute.
1.2. Sorting of documents, bringing them to faculties, departments and relevant persons.
1.3. Registration of applications and other registered letters addressed to the administration of the institution.
1.4. Organization of office work, timely registration, registration and sending of accepted documents to the relevant organizations.
1.5. Informing the administration of the institution, executive authorities about the documents received.
1.6. Registration, registration of originals of executive (ij) orders related to the organization of the Institute's activities, orders (xs-m) related to financial affairs and business trips, as well as orders (f) issued for a certain period, timely distribution of copies of orders to responsible persons, executors, relevant faculties and departments.
1.7. Storage of the basics of orders issued through the office and the originals of orders before they are transferred to the archive of the Institute.
1.8. Keeping records of orders issued by the Institute, bringing copies to the relevant faculties, departments, responsible persons, bringing them to the executors, storing the originals before transferring to the archive of the Institute.
1.9. Registration of travel certificates, registration.
1.10. Registration, Registration of travel certificates of researchers coming to the Institute, guests.
1.11. Receiving and sending telegrams, registered letters, personal documents, etc
. 1.12. Timely issue and submit orders and other documents to be transferred to the Institute's archive.
2. Official duties of the head of the office.
Organization of correct accounting, timely accounting and transfer of documents received by the institution to the executors;
Ensuring proper registration of documents originating from the Institute;
Sending documents for execution in accordance with the instructions of the rector;
Verification of the correctness of registration and registration of documents sent under the signature of the rector (vice-rector) ;
Accounting of incoming correspondence, letterheads of printing houses with the details of the Institute;
Stitching executive documents into summary folders;
Registration of documents completed in office work for transfer to the archive.
The clerk and his job responsibilities.
Conducts office work on behalf of the head of the office. Corresponds to the order of registration of all documents in the department. Responsible for performing the following tasks:
-Prepares for the Institute draft orders on business trips and financial affairs (xs-m), orders on execution (ij), orders (f), which must be issued for a certain period, checks them on the computer, prepares for signing, controls their distribution to the relevant faculties, departments, departments and responsible persons.
- Registers in the register orders on business trips and financial affairs (xs-m), orders on execution (ij), orders (f) issued for a certain period of time by the institution.
- Prepares a monthly report on business trips and financial affairs for the institution (xs-m), execution orders (ij), orders (f), which are issued for a certain period.
- Is engaged in the registration of documents going on business trips and arriving on a business trip to the Institute.
- Sign ready-made orders to vice-rectors, bring them to the rector, distribute copies of orders to faculties and departments.
- Reception and processing of documents, notifications, applications of employees and students, all types of correspondence received by mail from organizations, preparation of reports on complaints and applications; - Running the control program without errors and defects;
- Maintaining electronic records of documents originating from the institution;
- Registration of constituent documents (forms) issued to employees.
Job responsibilities of the courier:
• Acceptance of letters and documents addressed to the institute from the office of the Ministry, other higher educational institutions and institutions, communication departments, as well as delivery of the documents sent to the specified places;
• Checking the correspondence of the letter to the numbers printed on the folders when receiving documents;
• Checking the availability of applications in case of receiving mail that is not placed in folders;
• Timely delivery of documents to the executors at the direction of the rector with a signature in a special notebook.