Head of business administration

Rakhmanov Ismoil Usmanovich
Head of the Administration of Affairs

Reception time Monday-Saturday from 8:00 to 5:00pm
Phone: (95) 410-80-10
Fax: (95) 410-80-10
E-mail: Raxmanov @mail.ru
Telegram: (95) 410-80-10
Address: 166th house,Spitamen street,Samarkand city

The head of the department manages the work of the department of affairs of the institute in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, presidential decrees, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, orders, instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and regulations of other agencies. and coordinates its activities.
  • Manages all types of activities of the department, organizes and supervises the activities of employees of the department; develops current and future plans of the department and approves the work plans of the department staff;
  • Prepares a report on the results of the department's activities during the year;
  • Develops the work plan, instructions, charter, normative documents of the department and submits them to the management for approval;
  • Coordinates the activities of the department with the activities of institutes and departments;
  • Prepares documents to be sent to other organizations and enterprises within its rights and powers and submits them to the management;
  • Takes measures to provide the staff of the department with qualified personnel, direct implementation of the requirements of the current legislation by employees, practical work on their social protection, incentives for active employees;
  • Create the necessary conditions for the work of employees of the department, to ensure strict adherence of labor discipline by employees and to develop the creative initiative and activity of subordinates;
  • Provide financial and moral incentives, increase productivity, as well as increase the responsibility of each employee and team for the task;
  • Participates in the activities of the state, public organizations and institutions on matters within the competence of the Department with the permission of management;
  • Constantly monitors the compliance of employees with internal regulations, the careful and efficient use of material assets provided for use in the course of work;
  • Carries out full control over the entry and exit of employees and other persons on the territory and premises of the University, as well as the entry and exit of items of material value;
  • Takes measures to prevent the efficient, economical and prudent use of material resources by university staff and to prevent damage to material resources;
  • Organizes the work of commission members involved in the inventory of material assets on the balance of the university; acquaints staff with current laws on material liability, as well as current guidelines, norms and rules related to the storage, acceptance, distribution, transportation of material assets entrusted to him;
  • The university is directly responsible for the good and careful maintenance of all material values ​​on the balance sheet;
     Reports to the management of the institute on the work done in the field of affairs. organizes the implementation of decisions, orders and orders of the Academic Council of the Institute on economic issues. Methods and tools for studying the development trends of the education system of advanced countries, the implementation of the tasks set out in the Law "On Education", the "National Training Program" and other laws related to education develop and ensure their implementation. promotes the development of organizational and economic mechanisms for small and medium-sized businesses in order to increase extra-budgetary funds. capital repairs, maintenance, control of utility and electricity costs and analysis of financial costs. Accepts all completed work and takes the responsibility. Take action against employees who violate executive discipline, and make proposals to terminate the contract with them. in accordance with the established procedure carries out work on determination of the annual rating of the institute, critical analysis, improvement of its activity. the material and technical base of the institute and the work to be done to meet its modern requirements, the organization and implementation of plans for the organization and implementation of landscaping and landscaping work on the territory of the institute. Replenishment of school buildings and dormitories with a fire – fighting and control of its financial costs can be counted one of his responsibilities and other facilities of the institute (heat and gas network, water, electricity, communications). deals with issues related to the economic activities of the Institute. Monitors the cleanliness of institute and student dormitories, oversees the ongoing improvement and improvement work, and also solves financial problems. In order to organize a high-quality educational process, also modernizes educational equipment and tools, teaching aids and desks and chairs in the necessary premises, controls the financial costs for them on the basis of an estimate. Prepares and implements financial and economic estimates, annual and long-term cost plans for the main types of economic activity. Organizes work on labor protection, fire and technical safety, organizes the work of the qualification commission and improves the qualifications of engineers and technicians. Concludes contracts for the purchase of equipment, instruments and materials for the educational process, the supply of furniture and inventory to public buildings and hostels. conducts an expert assessment of lease agreements for premises, sports facilities, equipment on the territory of the institute. organizes measures to normalize working and living conditions, conducts sanitary and preventive measures, conducts medical examinations, vaccinations, disinfection, etc. (amateur clubs, sports clubs, etc.). Actively participates in the preparation and conduct of permanent internal attestation, external attestation-accreditation of the institute in the prescribed manner. processes applications of individuals and legal entities, including appeals to the virtual reception room of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, virtual reception offices of directors of ministries and institutes, receptions of students and parents in accordance with the established procedure with members of the Working Group. Prepares proposals on bringing to disciplinary responsibility officials who act irresponsibly on the issues raised.
Perform other duties in accordance with applicable law.
Must know:
    Be aware of the knowledge of the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan and orders of the Ministry, relevant regulatory acts in the field of activity, documents defining the educational, scientific, financial and educational process in higher education.
Qualification requirements:
Must have a university degree;
  • Professional and organizational skills required for leadership positions in higher education institutions, managerial experience and experience in the field of education, relevant knowledge and skills within the framework of activities and competencies;
  • Bachelor's and master's degrees in one of the directions and specialties of the university must have a doctorate or candidate of sciences, the title of professor or associate professor.
Exemplary personal qualities: intelligence, culture, leadership, creativity, politeness, organization, initiative and entrepreneurial ability, a sense of responsibility, independent decision-making and action, perseverance, the ability to achieve the strategic goals of the institution's mining facilities; Must have effective work experience in specialized universities.