Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Preschool Education

Rakhmatova Fotima Ganiyevna

Head of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology of Preschool Education

Reception time Wednesday-Thursday at 14:00
Phone: +998 (66) 222-69-27
Telegram: +998 (66) 222-69-27
Address: 17th apartment,25th house,Uvaysiy street,Sogdiana abode,Samarkand city

Staffs of the department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Preschool Education

Taylanova Shokhida Zayniyevna


Personal cabinet
Islamova Dilafruz Bustanovna

Senior teacher

Personal cabinet

about the history of the department

The Department of "Pedagogy and psychology of preschool education" was established on August 26, 2018 on the basis of the order of the rector of the University № 584. Head of the chair is Rakhmatova Fotima Ganiyevna.
There are 5 professors and teachers in the main state of the department of pedagogy and psychology of preschool education,one of them is a doctor of Science, 1
Ph.D, 3 assistants:
1. Rakhmatova F.G- head of the chair, p.f.f.d.
2.Taylanova Sh.Z-p.f.d. docent
3. Nasimova N. assistant teacher
4.Rozikova.G.H-assistant teacher
5. Islamova D.B- assistant teacher
 Lectures, practical and seminar sessions are conducted by members of the department in the following subjects:
Bachelor's degree:
1. Basics of creative activity in preschool education;
2. General pedagogy;
3. Management in preschool education;
4. General psychology;
5. Children's psychology and psychodiagnostics;
6. Pre-school pedagogy;
7. Social adaptation of children;
8. Professional pedagogy;
9. Technology of teaching methodology subjects;
10. Professional Psychology;
11. Social pedagogy;
12. Normative bases of preschool education
Master's degree:
1.Methodology of preschool education
2.Pre-school pedagogical acmeology
3.Scientific basis of management of preschool education

In 2020, 2 manuals, 3 scientific articles in Republican journals, 11 articles in foreign scientific journals, 6  in Republican scientific-practical conferences and 22 theses in international scientific-practical conferences were published by the professor teachers of the Department  ''Pedagogy and psychology of preschool education".The department of ''Pedagogy and psychology of preschool education'' has such circles as ''The first step towards science'', ''Amateur speech therapists'' and ''Pedagogue of young preschool education''. On November 11-12, 2020, the Department of ''P edagogy and psychology of preschool education'' and ''Theory and methodology of preschool education “jointly organized the international scientific-practical conference on the theme ''Pedagogical importance of scientific and practical innovations in the development of the preschool education system''.