General information

Uzbek-Finnish Pedagogical Institute was established on the basis of decision no PD-289 in June 21, 2022 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan " On measures to improve the quality of pedagogical education and further develop the activities of higher educational institutions training pedagogical personnel". Institute began its activity in the 2022/2023 academic year. The parameters for admission to the institute for full-time and evening forms of study for the 2022/2023 academic year are determined based on the decision of the state commission. From the 2022/2023 academic year, it is determined based on the parameters of the state order for admission to the republican OTM, which are approved annually. From the 2022/2023 academic year, it is determined based on the parameters of the state order for admission to higher educational institutions of the republic, which is approved annually.
Currently, the following faculties, departments and directions function at the institute.
  1. Faculty of Arts
  2.  Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences and Physical Education
  3.  Faculty of Preschool Education
  4.  Faculty of Foreign Languages and Humanities 
  5.  Faculty of Pedagogys
     and 15 departments:
  1. Department of Music Education
  2. Department of Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics 
  3. Department of General Technical Sciences and Technologies
  4. Department of Exact Sciences
  5. Department of Natural Sciences
  6. Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education
  7. Department of Sports Training Methodology
  8. Department of Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education
  9. Pedagogy and Psychology of Preschool Education
  10. Department of Pedagogy
  11. Department of Theory and Practice of Primary Education
  12. Department of Primary Education Methodology
  13. Department of Foreign Languages
  14. Department of Russian language teaching methodology
  15. 15. Department of Uzbek Language and Literature and Humanitarian Sciences.

     and 17 destinations:
  1. Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics 
(science program)
  2. Music Education (science program)
  3. Technological Education (science program)
  4. Mathematics and Computer Science (science program)
  5. Physics and Astronomy (science program)
  6. Chemistry (science program)
  7. Biology (science program)
  8. Fundamentals of Geography and Economic Studies (science program)
  9. Physical Education (science program)
  10. Preschool Education (science program)
  11. Primary Education (science program)
  12. History (science program)
  13. Foreign Language and Literature (science program)
  14. Russian Language in foreign language groups. (science program)
  15. Uzbek Language and Literature. (science program)
  16. Physical Education and Sports in Preschool and Primary education . (science program)
  17. Sports activities (by types of activities). (science program)

     Catalog of subjects by directions

      The institute aims to train high-quality pedagogical staff based on the national character of Uzbek people, such as taking care of the young generation, striving to educate a healthy, well-rounded person, and at the same time, based on advanced educational technologies. The staff of the institute keeps up with the times and tries to fulfill all the requirements of reforms and changes in the education system of our country in a timely manner. The educational process at the institute is carried out on the basis of Law "On Education", "State Education Standard" according to educational directions and "Qualification Requirements". Currently, lecture halls and classrooms are equipped with the most modern information base technologies, multimedia projectors, video and audio systems, and distance learning in order to ensure the high quality of the educational process and conduct scientific research. The educational process is carried out through modern information and communication Internet technologies using the electronic and credit module educational system, which includes electronic educational and methodical materials for all subjects taught at the institute. The created conditions provide an opportunity to conduct the educational process at a high level that meets world educational standards. The educational process at the institute is conducted in Uzbek, Russian and English. IRC (information-resource center) established at the institute, which has more than 100,000 publications in its fund, deserves special attention. There are textbooks and training manuals, methodological, scientific and other types of literature. There is an electronic library in IRC, and every student and professor can use its database. It should be noted that the formation of the Center of Innovative Pedagogical Technologies, equipped with modern information base systems, was one of the factors of improving the quality of the educational process. The created Center for Digital Education Technologies provides access to the latest information and develops innovative programs according to the institute's requirements. It helps students acquire professional knowledge within the framework of the International Education Standard. In order to create additional convenience for students and their parents, to implement the principles of democracy and transparency in the institute, the virtual reception of the director of the institute has also started working. Now students can directly address the director of the institute with their demands and suggestions.