Cooperation between HEIs and schools continues

28-Jan-2023 2203

In order to ensure the implementation of the Decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PQ-289 of June 21, 2022, an important meeting was held between the leaders of this higher educational institution and the Department of Public Education at the Uzbekistan-Finland Pedagogical Institute. tdi
The rector of the institute (retired) A. Safarov, the first deputy head of the Institute K. Saidov, faculty deans and heads of departments took part in the meeting.
The meeting was held in a friendly spirit and many agreements were reached.
For example: The main goals were to further improve the "4+2" program, which is constantly operating, to organize high-quality practice processes of students of higher education institutions in schools, to form pedagogic classes, and to increase the efforts to increase the interest of schoolchildren in the field of pedagogy.
In addition, the rector of the institute A. Safarov made an offer to attract talented 9th grade students from schools of the region to the academic lyceum under the newly established institute, to give them lessons by the most qualified specialists.
At the end of the meeting, the representatives of both organizations agreed to organize a meeting once a month in order to ensure constant monitoring of the above-mentioned issues.
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