Educational-methodological department

Boltaev Zayniddin Boltaevich
Head of the educational and methodological department

Reception time Monday-Saturday 15:00
Phone: +998 (66) 222-69-27
Fax: +998 (66) 222-69-27
Telegram: +998 (66) 222-69-27
Address: Address: 166th house,Spitamen shokh street

performance of duties of the vice-chairman of the educational-methodical council;
• organization of the work of staffs of the educational and methodological department, the provision of methodological and practical assistance to staffs of departments and control over the implementation of their duties at the required level;
• drawing up an annual work plan for faculty;
• participation in the work of the academic council of the institute ;
• preparation of orders and decrees of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education on educational and methodological issues, preparation of orders and directives of the rector on the implementation of the decisions of the Academic Council of the Institute at the level of the Institute ;
• organization of work on the analysis of educational and methodical literature and high-quality provision of specialists in subjects and specialties;
• preparation of reports and information about the academic work of the Institute Academic Council;
• control over the execution of orders, decrees and instructions of the rector on educational and methodical work at the faculties;
• creates a plan of the educational process for the new academic year and coordinates the departments of its implementation;
• prepare and approve annual study plans for study;
• establish and approve the content of teaching materials by professors and teachers based on the volume of institute workload and the number of available staff;
• control over the distribution of the department’s work volume across the faculty and preparation of the Director’s order based on the department’s decision;
• take measures to ensure consistency between the workload of departments and government units, recommend the allocation of staff or reduce staffing;
• preparation of the institute timetable and preparation of the order of the rector based on the proposals and curricula of faculties;
• conduct surveys, compilation and analysis of faculties at the institute in order to study students' opinions about the teaching staff and the educational process;
• ensure the effective organization of YADA tests and the protection of final qualifications. Implementation of the control of the institute administration during the YADA process;
• providing methodological assistance to assistants and deputy dean on the organization and control of the teaching and learning process;
• organization of work on the preparation of guidelines for faculties and departments on the organization and management of the educational and methodological process;
• make proposals in accordance with the established procedure for remuneration or fines for teachers who work effectively or inadequately within their authority in teaching and methodical work;
• preparation of information requested by the Ministry and other higher education institutions about the rector (or vice-rector for academic affairs);
• make proposals on the analysis and improvement of regulatory and working documents on the educational process in the prescribed manner; generalization of the proposals of the faculties;
• measures to improve the qualifications and skills of management staff, as well as the adoption of measures to improve management activities;
• providing a website and timely access to relevant information; • take measures to educate management personnel with experienced, creative, decent and fair staff;
• compile annual reports on educational materials of faculties; • organization of control over the work and academic discipline of department staff, teachers and students;
• consideration and resolution of complaints, appeals and applications for educational work;
• analysis and problem solving on educational work;
• organization of the analysis of educational and methodical work of the dean and departments. Taking into account the aforementioned disadvantages of departments and deans, providing them with methodological and practical assistance.